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In our childhood, we used to play household games with our siblings and friends. Everyone used to behave like their elder family members from reading the newspaper to cooking the dish in the small rasoi using the small utensils.

Yes, you have heard that right the small rasoi. There are many of us, who still now have that emotion and passion for cooking a delicious dishes every day.

But doesn't have the platform to express their emotions, inspire and showcase their creativity & innovation in cooking. Many find it difficult to handle so many social platform account, making video and upload on it. Even after one do it, find difficult to share with large audience due platform restriction. It also involves lots of costs to build and maintain a personal blog site.

Even for the one who wanted to learn cooking, they need to struggle, visit many sources, create accounts on many social platform, subscribe and follow the one.

The platform aims to remove all such obstacles. The platform is free to upload a recipe with stories, images, ingredients, and instructions without creating an account. Here, one has the option to upload the video if he/she wishes to. They can share their recipes with their belonging one on any social platform. No one has to create an account to get the delicious recipes. Here, you will get different way of making same dish from different cultures and religions.

Bawarchi Rasoi's motive is to become Wikipedia of delicious recipes and an open community platform for everyone to inspire & showcase their creativity.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and doesn't good food just make it more enjoyable? Please follow along and let's create something delicious!

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at [email protected] or fill out the form. I will try to get back with you as soon as possible.

Ravi Gupta
Co-founder & CTO
e.g. rice, chicken, pulao
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