Chicken Biryani

  Sep 01, 2020 |   Yasmin Alam |
  • 7 serves
  • 02h:00m prep
  • 01h:30m cook

Chicken Biryani is a mixed rice dish with its origins among the Muslims of India. It can be compared to mixing a curry, later combining it with semi-cooked rice separately. This dish is especially popular throughout the Indian subcontinent, as well as among its diaspora

  • Chicken (1.25kg)
  • Basmati Rice (Preferred Kohinoor Tibar/ Fortune Basmati rice) 1kg
  • Chicken Biryani Masala
  • Dahi (Curd) 350gm
  • Garam Masala Khada (Long, Elaichi, dal chini, star aniz, zafran, kali miri, seh jeera, tej patta, badi elaichi
  • Dhanya Patti, Podina, Green Chilli
  • Onion (1kg), ginger garlic paste 150gramTomato 500gram
  • Lemon (optional – required for 1st marination)
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Ghee (Optional)
  • salt, oil, ghee
  • All Powdered Masala: Jeera 4 table spoon, Dhanya 5 spoon, kali miri 1 spoon, mirchi, Garam masala 2 spoon, Chilli powder 1table spoon, Kashmiri Lal mirch 1 table spoon.
  • Tip: Make Ginger, Garlic and chilli paste to use. As we will be using chilli powder too kindly adjust chilli according to your taste. For Spicy use 12-15 Green chillies.
Cooking Instructions


  • Chicken marination (min 2 hours for best result -> over night marination)
  • 1st Marination: Add Lemon 2 lemon juice and Salt 1 spoon and leave it for 15-30mins.
  • 2nd Marination: Add Curd, Dhanya powder, Jeera powder, kali miri powder, Chicken Biryani masala, Garam masala, mirchi powder (kashmiri lal mirch for color),Ginger garlic paste and keep chicken aside for marination for hr,30-45mins.
  • NOTE: Minium marination time 2hrs(including both marination). 1st marination is optional but when done chicken will be more tender and juicy.
  • Wash basmati rice and soak in leave in water (minimum for 1 hour)
  • Slice Onion very thin for caramalized onions - This will be used in both Rice and gravy.
  • Cut Tomato into small pieces and keep aside
  • Clean & chop dhanya patti and podina leaves into small pieces.


  • Add oil in kadai (half kadai so that onion can be fried) let it get heated
  • Add tej patta, badi elaichi, choti elaichi, long, dal chini, jeera, star anis, khada jeera (pinch), kali miri khada (3-4)
  • Add all sliced onions after 2-3 mins
  • keep stirring till the onions are brown (don't leave it for long or it may burn)
  • Remove the caramelized onions in a plate and keep it aside for later use
  • Remove all excess oil and keep only 4-5 tablespoon oil
  • Add the marinated chicken and cook it in medium flame (It will take about 15-20 min)
  • Meanwhile boil water for rice. Rice and Chicken can be cooked simultaneously.
  • When chicken is almost done (try to break it with spoon) add the tomato & dhanya patti (hand full).
  • Cook for 5-10 mins & off the flames when tomato has soften
  • add the ¾ caramelized onion & mix
  • While chicken is cooking meanwhile boil water (water will be more than rice)
  • Take big utensil in which you will make biryani (layering & cook rice – Utensil in which 3-4kg rice can be done)
  • Heat the utensil, add 2-3 spoon of oil & add khada garam masala (Same as added in 1st step)
  • Add rice & 1table spoon salt and stir fry
  • Add the boiled water & little caramelized onion & Dhanya Patti. ( Measure water n rice with same bowl/glass and if 3 glass rice – 3 n half water. Sometimes need to adjust water according to rice, some rice need more water some rice need less water. So keep in mind rice should be covered fully with water at first.Can add water later if required)
  • Cover & let it come to boil in high flame.
  • Open the lit & check rice in water almost absorbed & simmering, stir at once -> cover and cook in low flame for 5-7 mins.
  • Check the rice once it should be 70-80% done, close & remove the rice in other utensil

For layering keep below mention ingredients ready

  • Rice
  • chicken
  • caramelized onion
  • dhanya podina
  • ghee( Optional)
  • Color ( Optional)


  • 1st add little rice just to cover the base
  • Add chicken layer
  • Add dhaniya pudina (optional)
  • Add caramelized onions over the layer
  • Add rice, colored rice( when using color – Mix color in little oil/ghee n then add to make colored rice.)
  • Ghee lovers can add 1-2 spoon ghee.
  • Repeat the steps.
  • Close the lid & keep a tawa on flame & keep the utensil on Tawa for Dum
  • Keep in Dum for 20-25 min low flame or keep in high flame 5 mins & then 15 mins low flame.
  • switch off flame & leave biryani for sometimes.
  • While covering the lid you can add atta dough on the top of the utensil and cover with lead for proper Dum and keep sometime heavy on it.
  • If you have coal available then you can keep a small bowl in the middle of the biryani after the layering is completed. Burn the coal & keep in that bowl (Do not use plastic bowl).
  • Don't forget to make Raita.

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